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Blog: aptosid branding: a call for Interested Parties to join a Working Group

Contributed by cleary on Sep 16, 2010 - 12:43 AM

During the down time of the sidux <-> aptosid transition, we were extremely busy making sure that all the technical pieces were solid, so there was not enough time for us to spend collaborating on the creation of the "aptosid brand".

Fortunately, this means we can do something a little bit different for the branding development process this time, and put a call out to the community for interested members to come forward and volunteer their time as part of a "Working Group" to fully develop the "aptosid brand"...

There are so many great artists, and contributors floating around on the forums, I hope this will be a great opportunity for some of you to come forward and showcase your skills and ideas in a collaborative project environment. There are no hard requirements for skills, or tools you can use - if you think you have something valuable to offer this project we encourage you to join in.

So this is the call:

Any aptosid users interested in joining the working group for the rebranding of aptosid, you have 1 week  to register your interest.

In order to register, you will need to sign up to the art-dev mailing list [2], and provide a brief introduction so we can get to know you a little better - If you are an artist, a link to some of your work would be really valuable, if you've done project management or worked on other brand development projects etc we'd love to hear about it.

For any questions or clarification, please see this thread [3] or come and chat to us in #aptosid-art on the OFTC irc network.


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