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Blog: Meet the new Forum Moderators Team!

Contributed by cleary on Sep 20, 2010 - 03:58 AM

I'd like to introduce and extend a warm welcome to our new Forum Moderators...

The team is made up of the following users:

  • BelaLugosi

  • HeSaid

  • hubi

  • muchan

  • piper

Please join me in welcoming them in their new roles :-)




  1. Welcome!
    I follow the work of the same team (so I believe) since they are part from Kanotix team.
    At next, Mepis, Sidux and now Aptosid.
    Your work always was very good.


    Gilbert Wittmer
  2. Thanks in advance
    Hi mods,

    thank you for offering and providing support to the community! Greetings to all of you and especially to hubi, with whom i had some interesting and always solution oriented discussion/support threads in the past!

  3. Hi mods!
    Just as for devs a big thank you is deserved for your effort. Have fun :)
  4. nice group
    hi mods,
    Good luck the new function.I'm assure aptosid has the best team!
    Otto from aptosid Brazil).
  5. Best wishes
    Thanks for your commitment to aptosid. It is very much appreciated and helps make aptosid what it is and can become in the future.
  6. Great work
    Great choices for the forum mods and here's to Aptosid finally taking off. Time to put the old squabbles behind and move forward!
  7. Thanks for contributing!
  8. Thanks for commiting your free time to help us!
  9. Thanks
    Thank you very much for this well organized and well moderated forum. I'm fairly new to aptosid and its former incarnation (not to Debian though), yet I could solve the very few (thanks, devs, as well!) problems showing up just by using the forum. A job well done!
  10. Thanks for your support.
    Thanks a lot for your support.

    Remember: Be patient and never lose the sweetness of your good temper. ;)

    (newbies will appreciate it).

    Best Regards, Francis
  11. Know your moderator
    I guess that we should know a bit more about the moderators
    than just the user ids.

    Wish you all the best.


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