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Press Releases: Welcome to aptosid

Contributed by slh on Sep 11, 2010 - 01:39 PM

Today aptosid opens its gates to continue the distribution previously known as "sidux", created by the same team of volunteers developing software under the Debian Free Software Guidelines [2]. A seamless crossgrade path from sidux to aptosid will be provided until the end of 2010. However a quick change is suggested because of potential issues outside of our influence.

Aptosid is a full featured Debian sid based live CD with a special focus on hard disk installations, a clean upgrade path within sid and additional hardware and software support. The ISO is completely based on the free main component of Debian sid, enriched and stabilised with aptosid's own packages and scripts.

Aptosid 2010-02 "Κῆρες", based on Debian sid, kernel 2.6.35 and KDE 4.4.5 will be released shortly.


Rick Battle (detaos)
Joaquim Boura (x-un-i)
Bernard Gray (cleary)
Chris Hildebrandt (slam)
David Kalnischkies (DonKult)
Aedan Kelly (etorix)
David Creedy (klaymen)
Stefan Lippers-Hollmann (slh)
Kel Modderman (kelmo)
Nikolas Poniros (edhunter)
Dinko Sabo (vibora)
Ferdi Thommes (devil)
Trevor Walkley (bluewater)
Niall Walsh (bfree)

Documentation and Manuals:

Jose Tadeu Barros (ceti)
Alpha Mohamed Diakite (alphad)
Stefan R. Eissens (eislon)
Roland Engert (RoEn)
Alessio Giustini (alessiog75)
Markus Huber (hubi)
Mr Owl
Mutsumu Nomura (muchan)
Nicolas Poniros (edhunter)
Dinko Sabo (vibora)
Dorin Vatavu (dorin)
Trevor Walkley (bluewater)

sidux e.V. (district court of Charlottenburg VR 27013 B) and its members are not authorized to speak for or represent the aptosid distribution. We would like to thank those members of sidux e.V. who supported us.