Press Releases [1]

Press Releases: CafePress Art Shop

Contributed by detaos on Sep 11, 2010 - 06:16 PM

With the birth of Aptosid comes a new webshop, powered by cafepress. We are proud to bring you designs to show your love for the new distro and designs to celebrate the upcoming release of Aptosid 2010-02 "Κῆρες". Show your support and buy a t-shirt today!

Official Aptosid Art Shop [2]

From now on, we will be doing limited edition shirts and posters for each release, inspired by the wallpaper.   They will only be available while that release is the current one, so be sure and pick one up before the next release comes out.

If there's an aptosid design you've always dreamed of having printed as a t-shirt, hop into #aptosid-art or start a forum thread and we'll turn your dream into reality.

All profits directly support the continued development of aptosid, so show your pride and support the development of the finest GNU/Linux distribution on the planet!