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Blog: The first aptosid t-shirt

Contributed by bfree on Sep 11, 2010 - 07:56 PM

I threw the idea at detaos a short while ago about having an aptosid T-Shirt design up for day 1, then we could open a thread for people to post their own photos of them launching aptosid with it around the world. Share the artwork and they can print their own to get one super quick if they want.   I did and got a fun little story to go with my photo of the first aptosid t-shirt at launch time today.

So right beside this little blog post you should see a news item from detaos [2] telling you all about the T-Shirts, I ordered one yesterday from a local printer but it wasn't ready until today, as it happens I guess I collected it pretty much exactly at the moment aptosid was born! So I picked up my T-Shirt and then I had 10-15 minutes to kill before my lift returned back. What else would I do but take a photo, so I wandered up towards where I was being collected (just around the nearest corner where cars can drive) strolled up and found a convienient sign to hang the T-Shirt on for a quick snap. I get the T-Shirt out of the bag, spend 20 seconds getting it to stay still in the wind long enough to take a photo with the N900 here is the result.

I took the T-Shirt back down and started strolling back a little way down the road. I looked back after about 50m and there was a security guard outside the building. Interesting, will I take a photo?

Sure why not ;) Damn, I pulled the camera back down to soon. Will I go again? Why not? So I turn again but he's not where he was, he's heading my way. So I keep strolling, slowing down and looking back every now and again, yep he's coming my way so I stopped just past the next set of steps and got a shot.

He approaches me and claims I need the building owners permission. "Like Google and their streetmap cars" I ask? "Blah blah ... please don't take any more photos", "ok". So I stroll on down a bit further away from "their" building and wait for my lift.

The poor guard spends the next 11 minutes standing around outside the first building watching and doing a little walkie-talking. I did try and show him my camera was gone and I was waiting for a lift but I doubt he had a clue what my gestures meant.

Ah well, it's a fun first aptosid T-Shirt photo anyway :p


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