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Blog: **multimedia** V2.0

Contributed by cleary on Sep 14, 2010 - 03:15 AM

The word censorship policy in place on the old sidux forums certainly generated some lively discussion. It came up quite frequently as a point of contention, so we put our approach under the spotlight over the last few weeks, and I have just implemented the new word replacement mechanism for dealing with "legally grey" forum content...

Out with the old and in with the... old?

The biggest problem we identified with the old method was a lack of information detailing the issues. Worse still, we couldn't discuss it easily due to the legal risk associated with the content, and we couldn't link to informative external content for the same reasons...

So we've implemented a word filter, in exactly the same way as before. The old way gave you the rather cryptic **multimedia** word replacement when mentioning certain problematic keywords. This didn't explain a lot, and the developers frequently found themselves having to explain it in more detail.

So we have two requirements:

  1. Provide a clear explanation about why it's so difficult to explain, and what you can do
  2. Get this information across in the word replacement text 

To address both these issues, and without further ado I present **multimedia** v2.0!!!


Sure, it's just a word and a link, but it explains clearly that the word/phrase has been censored and links to more information - 

Since it is a dot-zero release, the linked content will likely undergo a few changes as we get our bearings and identify areas of confusion. To aid us in this endeavour,  please join in the discussion thread on our forums and let us know what you think is good, and whether there's areas of the explanation that could do with changes/improvements.  


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