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Welcome to the aptosid Wiki

Table of Contents

* General Linux and aptosid info
aptosid declaration, aptosid codecs ... Linux documentation...

* The various ways to install aptosid
aptosid installations on HD, USB, VM. LVM, on apple ...

* System Administration
Installation, settings, IT security ...

* Hardware Tips
Drives, video, sound, interfaces, networking ...

* Software Tips
Applications, scripts, widgets, desktop ...

* MindPages and ToDo
!MetaPackages?, new ideas & !ToDos? ...

* all things about the wiki
Includes How to edit, Formatting guide, your pages, SANDBOX

fred This Wiki is free to use and edit, by and for all aptosid users. We hope the aptosid documentation will grow over time and develop along with this project.

fred We hope for contributions from Linux users of all knowledge levels, since this wiki is intended to help users of all levels. The few minutes you donate to our wiki can save other users (and maybe yourself) in need of solutions hours of trouble and searching.

fred All you need to write your own article is some information or ideas that are not already documented in the Wiki.

fred You also need to be a registered user. You can add your own findings or edit articles you feel should be expanded or corrected. Good documentation is essential for all of us, so we ask that you respect a few rules before writing.

Text in red are links to pages

Have fun!