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How To Write A New Article

first decide which category your article should belong.
- General Linux and aptosid info (CategoryGeneral)
- The various ways to install aptosid (CategoryInstall)
- System Administration (CategorySysadmin)
- Hardware Tips (CategoryHardwareEn?)
- Software Tips (CategorySoftwareEn?)

or maybe
- ToDo? (CategoryTodo)
- Wiki (CategoryWiki)

If you decided, that your new article belongs to the category Software Tips, for example, goto Wiki Homepage and click the "Software tips". (it opens the page "Software")

Click the "edit page" in the lower part of the page.

add a line:
[[NameOfYourNewEntry  the text to that entry]]

The first word in [[ ]] should be together in one block without space.

The click "Store". (good idea to write "Adding new page NameOfYourNewEntry?" in the editbox for note.)

Now, you see your entry text in the stored page. with red '?' mark.
Clicking this '?' will creates the page, and jumps to it.

Click the "edit page" in the lower part of the page.
First thing to add to that page is Title and Category.

The title should be at the beginning of the page
=== The title of this page ===

and the category should be at the end of the page
[[CategorySoftwareEn Software]]

here usse the Category name you chose from this list.
[[CategoryGeneral    General]]
[[CategoryInstall    Installation]]
[[CategorySysadmin System Administration]
[[CategoryHardwareEn Hardware]]
[[CategorySoftwareEn Software]]

Now you can start editing the text you want in the pagė.

Happy editting!