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devil - 30.03.2011, 20:47
Post subject: Leaving aptosid
I am, after a long trip from kanotix to sidux to aptosid, leaving the team. suitcases been open since the switch from sidux to aptosid.
i was hoping for some things to change. it didnt happen. my work over the years was allways for the user. i realised that i was often alone with that approach. besides that, i had ongoing, personal and professional problems with one team member. i hope, my going away will bring more peace and quiet.

i will move on, but will follow the forums and IRC (as user) at least for now. i will move on towards debian as well.

i wish aptosid a future.

happy trails
BelaLugosi - 30.03.2011, 21:00
Post subject: RE: Leaving aptosid
Sad to hear about that! I hoped, it would not come so far, but somehow, i was expecting it in some way.
I wish you all the best and want to thank you for your work here over the years.
hubi - 30.03.2011, 21:19
Post subject: RE: Leaving aptosid
Ooops! That's a sad surprise!

devil, I want to say a big thank you for everything you did in the last years, esp. that you encouraged me to join the manual team. That was 2007 January 01 Smile

I'm sure you'll be a shining star wherever you go! All the best to you!

I'll miss you,
ibgb - 30.03.2011, 21:27
Post subject: RE: Leaving aptosid

I always considered you to be the best liaison between the users and developers, and as such, you were one of aptosid's biggest assets.

For many years users have seen you tirelessly work these boards and irc, and many, many were helped by your efforts. Your work on conferences and your outreach to debian to harmonize it's hostility to sidux/aptosid were obvious to anyone lurking on irc or reading parts of the website besides the forums. All this apart from any work building and testing ISOs for release.

aptosid is a worse entity without you on the team, and it's unsettling and a bit alarming that differences could not be worked out for the better of all; users and team.

Really sad.
deach - 30.03.2011, 22:56
Post subject: RE: Leaving aptosid
Devil, I want to thank you for all your help. You have been one of the best "advisers" I ever had the pleasure to meet.(online). I wish you well in your future and thanks a million for all you've done.
clubex - 31.03.2011, 00:20
Post subject: RE: Leaving aptosid
devil: I second all the good things said about you and I wish you well in whatever you do in the future. You presence will definitely be sorely missed.
DeepDayze - 31.03.2011, 00:42
Post subject: RE: Leaving aptosid
Sorry to hear you are leaving the team..your wisdom and depth of knowledge of things Debian is a great asset. Hope you'll consider making more contributions to Debian from the outside and continuing to help users

Good luck and God bless in your future endeavors!
piper - 31.03.2011, 02:44
Post subject: RE: Leaving aptosid
devil, I want to personally say Thank You for all the help and teachings thru the years, (knoppix or kanotix we met) you have been a very good friend and mentor thru those years. Hard to imagine aptosid with no devil.

Good luck in everything you do
ghstryder - 31.03.2011, 03:58
Post subject: RE: Leaving aptosid
Devil; thank you for your efforts. It is hard to see how this can be a positive. Good luck!
titan - 31.03.2011, 07:13
Post subject: RE: Leaving aptosid
A sad loss for Aptosid, you have always posted with timely good helpful advice on Kanotix,Sidux and Aptosid forums. Good luck.
Jörg - 31.03.2011, 08:02
Post subject: RE: Leaving aptosid
Hello Devil,
what an unbelievable suprise to see you leave. Thank you very much for all you have done in the past and all the best for you in the future.
Kind greetings,
finotti - 31.03.2011, 09:49
Post subject: RE: Leaving aptosid
I'd like to join all others in thanking you and saying you will be missed... All the best to you.
se7en - 31.03.2011, 13:32
Post subject:
I would also like to thank you for the countless times you helped me and many other user. And I can only fully agree with idgb and say
I always considered you to be the best liaison between the users and developers

Sad to hear that good people are leaving again. Thanks devil
Lanzi - 31.03.2011, 14:38
Post subject:
Hey Man....?
What a bad surprise. I am really sad to hear that - and I am also sad to hear that a personal querel caused your decission.
Isn't there any way for you to stay and to find a way to avoid the mentioned person?

I am sad about this, since you have always been a relieble voice in the entire forum & IRC.

If you don't change your mind, i wish you all the best and of courde "live long and prosper" Smile
Barlafuss - 31.03.2011, 16:24
Post subject:
thanks a lot Devil and good luck.
From a simple user, very often helped and saved from your replies.
wolo - 31.03.2011, 16:44
Post subject: sad
thanks devil and best wishes
luckyb - 31.03.2011, 17:20
Post subject: RE: sad
sad to hear that mate

you will certainly be missed by many but found by others

all the best, I wish you, ruling creature of the known hell
mof - 31.03.2011, 17:22
Post subject: RE: sad
thank you devil for some helpful advice and Good luck !
belze - 01.04.2011, 00:01
Post subject: RE: sad
devil, yor are on of the most known face here on aptosid forum, and before on sidux's one.The HUMAN face of devs for us... We all will miss your efforts!
oddball - 01.04.2011, 22:15
Post subject:
I feel the same as a lot of others, really sad news but thank you devil far all your presence on the forum and irc. Even in the middle of the night you where there and helped me some times.

This things happens in all sorts of groups or constellations of people. We are all changing and developing during time, sometimes we come more together and some other times we go apart in our life, family, work or hobby.

I hope you can go on doing something else where you can put all your energy devil.

I have some threads on the forum which I don't got any answer on, that´s unusual and I have thought that there is something wrong with me, did I do something wrong or I don't know what, but now I understand that there is or has been some turbulence among the aptosid staff. I hope that aptosid can survive and go on with the very good support on the forum as it has been before.

Have a nice future devil /Ola
phen - 01.04.2011, 22:37
Post subject:
Oh what a pity! To me you were "the good soul" of kanotix, sidux and aptosid support, always calm and patient while willing to help. Spontaneously, feels a bit colder now.

Good luck and success on your ventures!
arwa - 02.04.2011, 08:55
Post subject:
I hope the user support does not suffer too much now that you leave. I always wondered how one could be in the IRC for 24/7 hours. At least everytime I logged into IRC (with a problem or just for reading) devil was there. So thanks from me for all the support, too.
bastel - 02.04.2011, 17:19
Post subject:
Hi devil.
Oh i m really sad.
You took me to linux.
I got a lot of help from you.
julian516 - 02.04.2011, 19:28
Post subject:
devil, you helped me greatly when I started with sidux/aptosid and I am very sorry to see you leave, though I suspect I understand the reasons.

In any event aptosid's loss will be Debian's gain. Many of us will look forward to seeing you over there.

Very best wishes!
CaesarTjalbo - 04.04.2011, 09:54
Post subject:
I share the sentiments of the above posters. Many thanks, happy trails for you too.
bjkarma - 04.04.2011, 12:30
Post subject:
Thanks Devil, for all the time and energy you invested into the project. Many many users, including me, have greatly benefited. Have fun!!
wkauz - 04.04.2011, 12:49
Post subject:
I will miss you.
Many thanks for your work and help over the years.
It is a irreversible demage for a lot of users.
I wich you all the best for yout futer ways.

Gruß von Herzen
spacepenguin - 04.04.2011, 13:53
Post subject:
Those are really sad news... Sad
A big THANK YOU for all your work and help, Devil!
mylo - 05.04.2011, 06:06
Post subject:
      spacepenguin wrote:
Those are really sad news... :(
A big THANK YOU for all your work and help, Devil!

nothing to add, devil! Thanks!
BT - 05.04.2011, 18:13
Post subject:
Hello Devil,

Thanks for your help on the project and in the forums.

Good luck with your new projects ...

dpt - 05.04.2011, 19:48
Post subject:
A good product has to be easily usuable and be user-oriented.

Looks like Farewell speeches have started.

Can not understand why mature and intelligent persons can not sort out issues happily.

I will not bid goodbye and hope that things settle well in time.

Crust - 07.04.2011, 07:06
Post subject:
Sorry to hear you leaving. I'm very saddened.
aptpostle - 07.04.2011, 18:32
Post subject:
Yours was always the definitive, albeit succinct, word.
That incisiveness and certainty was invaluable for us Windoze refugees.
I join the others in wishing there was some way that you could continue with aptosid.
otto - 07.04.2011, 23:08
Post subject:
What a pitty! He is a great guy!
beatmaster2k - 11.04.2011, 06:29
Post subject:
Devil, I wish you all the best for your future and greatly thank you for all the times a comment from you helped me out.
delta9 - 23.04.2011, 15:31
Post subject:
Sad news..

you ve been the most helpful and friendly team member!!!

Best of luck!
jaegermeister - 26.04.2011, 14:43
Post subject:
Sorry to hear...
God bless you wherever you'll go!
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