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franute - 18.09.2010, 21:02
Post subject: (solved) can't compile fglrx module with last kernel update
Hi everybody!

I can't compile the fglrx modules (version 10.9) with the last 2 kernel versions: 2.6.35-4.slh.12 and 2.6.35-4.slh.15 (both the amd64 version on an ati mobility hd 5430).

I installed fglrx using module-assistant and dmakms (just like installing the nvidia ones in the aptosid manual), but when I execute "m-a a-i fglrx-source" I get an error. Anyone else having this problem? Confused

Here is the log:

/usr/bin/make  -f debian/rules clean
make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/src/modules/fglrx'
rm -f configure-stamp
rm -f fglrx.ko fglrx.mod.c *.o libfglrx_ip.a
rm -f .version .*.o.flags .*.o.d .*.o.cmd .*.ko.cmd
rm -rf .tmp_versions
rm -rf patch
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/modules/fglrx'
 debian/rules KVERS=2.6.35-4.slh.15-aptosid-amd64 KSRC=/lib/modules/2.6.35-4.slh.15-aptosid-amd64/build KDREV=2.6.35-32 kdist_image
/usr/bin/make  -f debian/rules binary_modules
make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/src/modules/fglrx'
if [ -f /usr/src/modules/fglrx/debian/control.template ]; then \
      cat /usr/src/modules/fglrx/debian/control.template > /usr/src/modules/fglrx/debian/control; \
touch configure-stamp
/usr/bin/make -C /lib/modules/2.6.35-4.slh.15-aptosid-amd64/build SUBDIRS=/usr/src/modules/fglrx modules
make[2]: Entering directory `/usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.35-4.slh.15-aptosid-amd64'
  CC [M]  /usr/src/modules/fglrx/firegl_public.o
  CC [M]  /usr/src/modules/fglrx/kcl_acpi.o
  CC [M]  /usr/src/modules/fglrx/kcl_agp.o
  CC [M]  /usr/src/modules/fglrx/kcl_debug.o
  CC [M]  /usr/src/modules/fglrx/kcl_ioctl.o
/usr/src/modules/fglrx/kcl_ioctl.c: In function 'KCL_IOCTL_AllocUserSpace32':
/usr/src/modules/fglrx/kcl_ioctl.c:196: error: implicit declaration of function 'compat_alloc_user_space'
/usr/src/modules/fglrx/kcl_ioctl.c:196: warning: return makes pointer from integer without a cast
make[3]: *** [/usr/src/modules/fglrx/kcl_ioctl.o] Error 1
make[2]: *** [_module_/usr/src/modules/fglrx] Error 2
make[2]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.35-4.slh.15-aptosid-amd64'
make[1]: *** [build] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/modules/fglrx'
make: *** [kdist_image] Error 2

Thanks in advance
towo - 18.09.2010, 21:08
Post subject: RE: can
Delete /usr/src/modules/fglrx, if it exist
Download the file here and replace the /usr/src/fglrx.tar.bz2 with it.
After that, do m-a a-i fglrx-source again.
franute - 18.09.2010, 21:17
Post subject:
Thanks towo, it worked like a charm Very Happy
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