Bug Reports 2011-01 - Blank screen during start up.

dragoncity - 01.07.2011, 01:22
Post subject: Blank screen during start up.
I have just dist-upgraded to 2.6.38-4.slh.3-aptosid-686 and find that there is a 10-15 second blank screen "pause" between entering my log in details and the appearance of the KDE desktop. This was not the case prior to the upgrade.

The system functions as as usual after KDE appears.

If I had not been doing something else during the initial blank pause, letting KDE finally appear, I may well have concluded that the upgade was stuffed and simply tossed the upgrade away.

There does not seem to be any information I can forward, unfortunately.

There is no log entry saying "I'm having a rest!" Smile
slh - 01.07.2011, 01:30
Post subject: RE: Blank screen during start up.
Do you see the ksplash animation?
dragoncity - 01.07.2011, 09:52
Post subject: RE: Blank screen during start up.
The sequence is :

grub -> lists start up log text stuff -> aptosid splash screen ( I would not call it animation) + loging dialog box ,
-> I enter log in details/pasword -> blank screen " pause " -> my KDE Desktop -> continue as normal.
finotti - 01.07.2011, 12:21
Post subject: RE: Blank screen during start up.
I think slh meant the scorpions (of the default splash screen, or other icons in other themes) appearing as the desktop is initialized. (But, from what you wrote above, it seems you don't see that.)

You can try to go to "System Settings -> Workspace Appearance -> Splash Screen" and try a different theme. (Does "Test Theme" work?)


piper - 01.07.2011, 18:31
Post subject: RE: Blank screen during start up.
Is there something wrong with the 2.6.39 kernel that you are still using the 2.6.38-4.slh.3-aptosid-686, especially after a du ?

What video card are you using ?

Was this a true apt-get dist-upgrade or was this a apt-get upgrade ?
dragoncity - 02.07.2011, 06:13
Post subject: RE: Blank screen during start up.
I checked the themes as finotti suggested and "default" was selected, changed to aptosid-geras and now I get the animator ! Smile
Just variations on the aptosid red 'tree' background & then the crab then morphing into my KDE desktop.

piper: a) not that I'm aware of , thats the kernel I received.
b) Nvidia clone : GForce 6200
c) I did a true apt-get dist-upgrade after a apt-get update, I follow the manual qute closely every time* I do a dis-upgrade.
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