All the news about aptosid - aptosid 2011-02 (imera) released!

slam - 14.07.2011, 05:05
Post subject: aptosid 2011-02 (imera) released!
See all details in our latest release notes: http://aptosid.com/index.php?module=new ... amp;sid=28

Thanks to everyone involved in this release - great team work!

dpt - 14.07.2011, 14:36
Post subject: RE: aptosid 2011-02 (imera) released!
Me first to say thanks to the team Aptosid.

DeepDayze - 14.07.2011, 14:38
Post subject: RE: aptosid 2011-02 (imera) released!
Looks good...first great release that incorporates the recent major transitions since Squeeze was released.
portaro - 14.07.2011, 20:33
Post subject: RE: aptosid 2011-02 (imera) released!
Good news ehehe congratulations for the team.
sx9 - 14.07.2011, 22:21
Post subject: RE: aptosid 2011-02 (imera) released!
I knew that it will Be released today, because the new iceweasel 5.0 was in the aptosid repo. I thought the only reason why they haven't waited for the next Iceweasel release to get into sid, particularry because the devs always wait patiently for the last bugfix to make the build perfect, is that they wan't to build a new image. Another hint: It was the first possible and stable builds to make with pyfll today for the last weeks. Pyfll always had problems before (libc).
Well, I am happy that it's finally released, so that I can recommend the latest version including KDE 4.6 to more of my friends.
And I like the new features and versions (especially after the release of squeeze many new versions of programs have been released), like UEFI compatibility and more.
arwa - 15.07.2011, 10:51
Post subject: RE: aptosid 2011-02 (imera) released!
Running the command
apt-show-versions | awk '/No available version in archive/{print $1}'

as mentioned in the release note upgrade howto, did report "portmap" as old package. Removing it would lead into loosing "fam". So IMHO there should be a note in the howto that if portmap is installed, one should replace it by "rpcbind" by simply installing this one?

Mte90 - 16.07.2011, 13:30
Post subject: RE: aptosid 2011-02 (imera) released!
Thanks for the release!
Good Work!!!!!
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