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se7en - 15.07.2011, 13:48
Post subject: ntfs-config
ntfs-config doesn't start from the menu.
I also can't open any ntfs partition. I get "recompile ntfs-3g with fuse support???
se7en - 17.07.2011, 01:53
Post subject: RE: ntfs-config
Does nobody else have trouble with ntfs-config. If that is the case this is not a bug ... or is it?
ghstryder - 17.07.2011, 02:43
Post subject: RE: ntfs-config
I looked it up, and had to chuckle at this part of their description:
...It just so happens that this program is a newer and improved version, but very few people
know about it. It's better to install the disk-manager.

Works fine here. For what it is worth, even without it, I had no problem opening ntfs partitions.
der_bud - 18.07.2011, 10:55
Post subject: RE: ntfs-config
Ntfs-config works here in dist-upgraded older install, apt show-versions says

ntfs-config/sid uptodate 1.0.1-9
fuse/sid uptodate 2.8.5-4

Maybe you can try to reinstall fuse?
se7en - 18.07.2011, 13:37
Post subject: RE: ntfs-config
ntfs-config still doesn't start but I did edit /etc/fstab and for some reason it did say
... ntfs not ntfs-3g. Unmount/mount again and all is ok.
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