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Richard23456 - 21.08.2011, 16:44
Post subject: Problem with VMware-player
I have recently installed the latest VMware-player bundle sucessfuly.
But when i start it up I get the error message
Unable to initialize module building library
is there anything I can do
I looked every on the net before coming here but its all ubuntu related
towo - 21.08.2011, 16:45
Post subject: RE: Problem with VMware-player
http://aptosid.com/index.php?name=PNphp ... amp;t=1629
Richard23456 - 21.08.2011, 22:22
Post subject: RE: Problem with VMware-player
Thanks towo
but now i have unable to install module

this is the read out on starting services
root@aptosidbox:~# /etc/init.d/vmware restart
Stopping VMware services:
VMware USB Arbitrator done
VM communication interface socket family done
Virtual machine communication interface done
Virtual machine monitor done
Blocking file system done
Starting VMware services:
VMware USB Arbitrator done
Virtual machine monitor failed
Virtual machine communication interface failed
VM communication interface socket family failed
Blocking file system failed
Virtual ethernet failed

lsmod | grep v shows its not there
dibl - 22.08.2011, 00:03
Post subject:
The procedure in the linked post was tested on two 64-bit systems (different configurations) and one 32-bit system, so it works.

When you followed the procedure, probably you found an instruction confusing or else it did not work as it should have. Did you have a question about a step? Did you see an error? Where did you hit a problem?

BTW, VMware is a proprietary package, not supported by the aptosid development team, so as soon as a mod sees this thread, it will be moved to "Dragons".
Richard23456 - 22.08.2011, 07:28
Post subject: solved
I followed the procedure right through and there was no error the only problem I found was when I tried to start it
it was unable to install module
I even ran a make on the following modules to see if that was a problem but that was to no avail

error log of vmware
Aug 22 08:28:34.313: app-3076269760| Source file does not exist at /usr/lib/vmware/modules/source/vmmon.tar
Aug 22 08:28:34.313: app-3076269760| Could not extract source for module vmmon!
root@aptosidbox:/usr/lib/vmware/modules/source# ls
patch3031vmware741.patch vmci-only vmnet-only
vmblock.o vmci.tar.orginal vmnet.tar.orginal
vmblock-only vmmon.o vmware2.6.39fixedv3.patch
vmblock.tar vmmon-only vsock.o
vmblock.tar.orginal vmmon.tar.orginal vsock-only
vmci.o vmnet.o vsock.tar.orginal

as you can see i have extracted them and there all there

i just unistalled it and redid it thinking i missed something but i still get the message
did another reinstall and its working fine now
dibl - 22.08.2011, 10:37
Post subject:
If there was no error message when you applied the first patch, then the problem must be a typo when you re-tarred the source files at the end of the process, and this would appear to be for the vmmon-only files. You might try deleting the vmmon.tar file, then again issue (at the /user/lib/vmware/modules/source directory)

tar cvf vmmon.tar vmmon-only/*

and then try starting vmware.

EDIT -- just saw the last line in your post -- good!
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