Art & Design - ponos ksplash mockup

pumrel - 24.08.2011, 02:53
Post subject: ponos ksplash mockup
Ok, so as nobody has responded to my offer to contribute Smile I took the initiative and created a mockup for the next release. Just out of fun because I like to play with images Smile
However I will be very pleased with feedback and I would really like an opinion of the devs who take care of our packages Rolling Eyes

Luis_P - 24.08.2011, 12:02
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Simple & smart

dibl - 24.08.2011, 14:06
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DeepDayze - 24.08.2011, 15:07
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I like it..nice and simple much like the early sidux artwork was Smile
pumrel - 31.08.2011, 10:23
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Thank you very much guys.
Lat - 03.09.2011, 16:34
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Lovely +1
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