Software - Nepomuk stub failure stops boot

ckosloff - 12.09.2011, 01:29
Post subject: Nepomuk stub failure stops boot
I have had this issue several times in imera amd64 kernel 3.0.4.slh.3-aptosid-amd64.
Boot just stops with error message about segmentation fault in Nepomuk stub.
I cannot report a bug to maintainer because backtrace needs files that I cannot install at that stage.
I have to reboot according to manual instructions for desktop freezes.
Nepomuk is installed with options in manual: virtuoso-minimal and strigi-client, then enabled in Desktop Search and Startup and Shutdown.
Have not tested this in i686 architecture, older but works more reliably than amd64.
Just aks for more info if needed.
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