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timsch - 26.09.2010, 01:18
Post subject: default user group request
I just removed myself from all default groups with the following command:

usermod -G lp tim

If I understand correctly now, the correct command to add myself to (lp) and retain the others is:

usermod -aG lp tim

let me know if this is still not right.

I need to add myself to the default groups. What are the default user groups?

michaaa62 - 26.09.2010, 07:54
Post subject: RE: default user group request
Why did you not use useradd for this simple purpose? These are the default groups for a user:
micha@aptognome:~$ groups
$USER dialout cdrom floppy audio dip video plugdev users netdev fuse powerdev scanner

EDIT: Changed to variable for the username
kelmo - 26.09.2010, 07:57
Post subject:
The following command reveals which groups were used to create the user in aptosid live environment (and thus your first user).

I would suggest using adduser(8) and not the low-level useradd(8) in the future.

test -s /etc/adduser.conf && . /etc/adduser.conf && echo $EXTRA_GROUPS

timsch - 26.09.2010, 13:16
Post subject: Re: RE: default user group request
      michaaa62 wrote:
Why did you not use useradd for this simple purpose?

Ignorance. I do not know all of the commands, so do not know the best ones for a given purpose. I did a google search for adding a user to a group and found an (apparently) reasonable command.

What is a good resource for commands?

Looking at adduser & useradd, both appear to be for adding a NEW user to the system. I just wanted to add myself to another group - lp, to be specific (not sure why that is not a default). If these commands are to be used for modifying existing users group memberships, I am missing it.

I am having difficulty adding myself back to these groups, which is especially frustrating given how damn easy it was to remove myself from them. I tried the same command, usermod -G, without success. I am not a newbie but am apparently not a linux master either. Struggles with groups have plagued me for a while now....

michaaa62 - 26.09.2010, 14:28
Post subject: RE: Re: RE: default user group request
What beast of a printer or printing environment are you trying to tame?
Is cups not working fine for you?
Please follow kelmo's advice for the adduser command, which is the better tool for the task.
timsch - 26.09.2010, 15:32
Post subject: RE: Re: RE: default user group request
simple hp printer. I was trying to print a test page from the hplip toolbox and was given the error message that i needed to add myself to the lp group, which is what led to all of this. I had success with hplip for quite a while up until sidux 2010-1, when I began having trouble and had to use cups via localhost:631, which worked fine.

I fell back to hplip out of habit this time. will not make that mistake again.

I reread the manual for adduser and saw the command to add myself to a group, so I am back in the default groups.

Thanks for the help
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