Software - Permanent Change of Hostname [SOLVED]

scanagar - 28.10.2011, 11:42
Post subject: Permanent Change of Hostname [SOLVED]
This is an extension of my post of Changing Hostnames. Thanks to slh for pointing me to the earlier posts.

All of them, as far as I can make out, report that they were
unable to change the hostname permanently by change /etc/hostname. After reboot, the old name reappears.

In fact, I have had a further change. This morning, when I booted up, my name was new-host-4, not new-host-2. I also noticed that the IP had changed slightly, I think from to So, it may have something to do
with dhcp, as has been suggested in the posts. I have not been
successful on getting on that from google. I tried putting the hostname in /etc/hosts, but that was not successful either.

The problem is, that whatever I do, the next time I boot the computer comes up with a name that I did not put in any
the files /etc/hosname, /etc/mail /etc/hosts. How does one change this bahvior so that the computer permanently gets its name from /etc/hostname?


Sebastian Canagaratna
piper - 28.10.2011, 23:06
Post subject: RE: Permanent Change of Hostname
Does your ISP provide a host name by any chance ? (there are some that still do this)

Using a router ?
scanagar - 29.10.2011, 02:11
I followed slh's advice and removed from dhclient.conf
not the whole stanza, but just the hostname from the request
stanza and now /etc/hostname is being read correctly.

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