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keekdown - 11.12.2011, 12:50
Post subject: beep
How off beep?After every reboot it appears again?
dibl - 11.12.2011, 12:56
Post subject: RE: beep
Probably that is a setting in your BIOS. In KDE, you have systemsettings > applications and system notifications > system bell, but that is after you log in.
keekdown - 11.12.2011, 13:08
Post subject: RE: beep
michaaa62 - 11.12.2011, 13:28
Post subject: RE: beep
Blacklist the pcspkr module by adding this line
blacklist pcspkr
to a file /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist_pcspkr.conf, which you have to create yourself.
DonKult - 11.12.2011, 13:38
Post subject: RE: beep
In alsamixer, i have a "beep" volume control, maybe you, too. Switching it to mute really "mutes" it - and it keeps this way also after a reboot. The only problem i have found with this a suspend to ram. For some strange reason this little fellow is activated again, but a disable/enable-sound-cycle fixes that (I hadn't the energy to search for a fix/bugreport for it so far…)

Alternatively, 'pcspkr' is the responsible module. Try 'modprobe -r pcspkr'. If it works you can e.g. blacklist it…
keekdown - 11.12.2011, 14:13
Post subject: RE: beep
Thanks all
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