Software - [SOLVED] Cannot change login theme (kdm)

axxer - 11.12.2011, 18:56
Post subject: [SOLVED] Cannot change login theme (kdm)
my problem as stated in thread title. it always show an error. "Unable to authenticate/execute the action: (code 4)" when i click apply after changing theme.

i'm installing from latest aptosid 2011-02 kde lite a week ago, and already updated my whole system to latest available package from repo. but i seems to had this problem from the first boot until now with all package updated.
already search the forum and googling but cannot seems to find solution for this. so reporting/asking here is my last resort.

btw here the screenshot of the error i got

towo - 11.12.2011, 19:22
Post subject: RE: Cannot change login theme (kdm)
Alt + F2 ==> kdesu systemsettings
axxer - 11.12.2011, 20:58
Post subject: Re: RE: Cannot change login theme (kdm)
      towo wrote:
Alt + F2 ==> kdesu systemsettings

lol. so it just system setting didn't have proper permission to change it.
thanks alot. solved
arwa - 12.12.2011, 08:10
Post subject: RE: Re: RE: Cannot change login theme (kdm)
Do you have installed the package "polkit-kde-1"?
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