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mp3playerfan - 17.12.2011, 03:40
Post subject: Proper lirc configuration for XBMC

I use Aptosid also on my HTPC with XBMC but I cannot use all keys on my Microsoft Media Center Edition Remote (MCEUSB).

On Aptosid forum I found only this information:
http://aptosid.com/index.php?name=PNphp ... light=lirc

I tried this method but without succes:
http://www.openelec.tv/forum/advsearch? ... ldforums=1
Finally I haven't any devices on /dev/lirc/

Is there anybody who help me?
I need proper configuration for MCEUSB on Aptosid.


slh - 20.12.2011, 18:17
Post subject: RE: Proper lirc configuration for XBMC
mceusb is a little special, given that it provides an input device (with keymaps provided by ir-keytable) for dev/input, just as well as a lirc specific device (which can be configured through irrecord). Also keep in mind that most lirc clients also do their own mapping of lirc events, so this is another potential issue at hand.

Unfortunately I haven't found a cheap mceusb device for testing myself, so I'm of little help for mceusb specific issues, but both howtos are totally outdated and are pretty likely to break havoc.
mp3playerfan - 21.12.2011, 00:17
Post subject: RE: Proper lirc configuration for XBMC
Thank you for answer.
Today I was able to configure correctly the remote to work with XBMC.
In addition I properly configured my second older remote (cyberlink)
I will write full instructions on how to configure both.
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