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l1n00x - 26.12.2011, 12:22
Post subject: Filezilla and libgnutls26

I have a vsftpd running on a remote machine with implicit ftp enabled. Using filezilla leads to several gnuTLS problems. This does not occur if filezilla is linked against a newer version of gnuTLS like 2.8.1. Currently, I have two gnuTLS packages installed.


ii  libgnutls26                               2.12.14-5                    GNU TLS library - runtime library
ii  libgnutls28                               3.0.9-2                      GNU TLS library - main runtime library

Filezilla (from sid repos, as well as the current and nightly builds from the filezilla website) compiled for x86_x64 are all linked against libgnutls 2.12.14-5, which is shipped with the libgnutls26 package.
I was wondering if I could somehow relink filezilla against the more recent version shipped with libgnutls28.

Thanks for your help so far.

Greets l1n00x
DeepDayze - 26.12.2011, 16:06
Post subject: RE: Filezilla and libgnutls26
The Filezilla nightlies are most likely built against libgnutls28:

You can get them here:


Unzip the latest build to a directory in your $HOME such as $HOME/bin (a good choice for all custom apps for your user)
Run it (as user NOT as root) with

 /home/$USER/bin $ ./filezilla

l1n00x - 26.12.2011, 18:49
Post subject: RE: Filezilla and libgnutls26
I already tried the nightly build. The current i586 build is shown to be linked against GnuTLS 2.8.6, the x86_64, however, is not. This had me wondered, if the linking is system specific, as the library is shared - as opposed to this, I thought the i586 built ships with it's own library. I'm not too familiar with libraries and neither do I know if it is possible to tell a program, i.e. Filezilla to use another shared library.
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