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alexk - 05.01.2012, 18:18
Post subject: Useful Flash App

I hope they make a non-Flash version some time.

      Wikipedia wrote:
In 1986, Richard Kimball ran unsuccessfully for one of Arizona's two U.S. Senate seats. In a candidate's debate, he described the campaign process to prospective voters:

"Understand what we do to you. We spend all of our time raising money, often from strangers we do not even know. Then we spend it in three specific ways: First we measure you, what it is you want to purchase in the political marketplace — just like Campbell's soup or Kellogg's cereal. Next, we hire some consultants who know how to tailor our image to fit what we sell. Lastly, we bombard you with the meaningless, issueless, emotional nonsense that is always the result. And whichever one of us does that best will win."

DonKult - 05.01.2012, 19:10
Post subject: RE: Useful Flash App
In germany "we" have the Wahl-o-mat as a non-flash vote-helper.

The idea is that you answer a few questions and at the end your answers can be compared to the responses the various parties gave. The provider is an official federal agency and the answers are given by the parties itself, so a user can be reasonable sure that it doesn't favor a party. It's usually available for Europe-, Bundestag- as well as Landtag elections. If you feel like it you can try the english version for the Bundestags election 2009.

Obviously, that should not be understood as a recommndation to vote for the most compatible party given that a few answers can't represent the full spectrum, but it should give pointers for further research to make an educated vote.

P.S.: "Useful flash" … i call that an oxymoron! Wink
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