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Sidpatico - 30.09.2010, 21:10
Post subject: My desktop
Hello!! my name is Fabio from Italy

My desktop:

Free wallpaper:

ikeinthai - 01.10.2010, 07:21
Post subject: this is nice.
thanks. this is nice. very useful. low key and can handle lots of icons.

spacepenguin - 01.10.2010, 14:43
Post subject: RE: this is nice.
I agree, looks nice in black too Smile. And nice keres lettering.

But I hope you don't mind criticism? Looks a little too blurred for my taste. Blurred because of downscaling I guess?. Or is it intentional? My eyes always try to focus correctly but of course don't get it Wink. Is it possible to add a non-blurred version in 1920x1200? And I would prefer to have the keres line a little more aligned left/right compared to the fred/aptosid line. Maybe make it a little smaller so that it stays inside the dimensions of fred/aptosid or make it a little wider so that it equally grows out of the bounds of fred/aptosid. Or maybe adjust the position of fred/aptosid. The keres line may be centered but does not look so seen in combination with fred/aptosid. Just personal taste. Smile
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