Hardware - HP Pavilion DM1-4131EF: reboot on resume

Goffi - 19.02.2012, 11:41
Post subject: HP Pavilion DM1-4131EF: reboot on resume
G'day everybody,

I'm new to aptosid, and I'm pretty happy to have found a debian based rolling distro with Kde as the main desktop environment.

I installed it on a HP Pavilion DM1-4131EF. I could deal with most of issues thanks to Debian's wiki and this page because this model has a hardware pretty similar to mine.

Unfortunately, I have still a very annoying issue: when I suspend to ram, everything seems to run ok (my led is blinking as expected). But when I want to resume, I have a hard reboot, it's like if I was doing a cold start. I could do a normal suspend/resume one time, but now I can't anymore and I don't know why (probably because of one of the driver I had to install: but I can't find which one).

Can anybody help me with this issue ?

Thanks Smile

PS: I'm a bit disappointed to see it's still Kde Sc 4.6.5 when Kde Sc 4.8 is out since January 25th. Do you know if there is any plan to upgrade Kde soon in Debian Sid ?
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