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powdered.toast.man - 21.02.2012, 00:35
Post subject: Post nvidia-glx install
I followed the instructions in the manual to the letter, using copy/paste mostly and I successfully installed the proprietary nvidia driver.

Unfortunately, while I am able to boot into and see my desktop, when I open an application, it looks like some kind of redacted CIA document. Patches of black all over where there should be visible GUI.

Should I re-install Ponos without the proprietary driver and leave it at that or should I download and install SalineOS 1.6?
x-un-i - 21.02.2012, 16:19
Post subject: RE: Post nvidia-glx install
We do not recommend the blob so staying with nouveau is the favourised option. Installing $distro is your decision
browe - 22.02.2012, 15:05
Post subject: RE: Post nvidia-glx install
There have been video updates in the past few days, try the following:


init 3
apt-get dist-upgrade
m-a a-i nvidia-kernel-source -f
apt-get install --reinstall nvidia-glx

I've had issue a clean to nvidia-kernel-source recently, so watch for any messages from m-a and follow its recommendations. Double check that dmakms setup properly per the manual: http://manual.aptosid.com/en/gpu-en.htm#foss-xorg

Of course x-un-i has a valid point... nouveau is becoming a better option every day. There is also a guide to switch nvidia-->nouveau here: http://aptosid.com/index.php?module=wik ... g=GoNvidia
WillamK - 23.02.2012, 07:01
Post subject: RE: Post nvidia-glx install
This is very common thing to install driver and software in the system. There are some package related to n-vidia gls.
powdered.toast.man - 25.03.2012, 21:04
Post subject:
Thank you for responses everyone. The reason for my delay in replying is my haitus to SalineOS, which I almost immediately converted to testing repositories. Squeeze is just so old now.

It seems that the problem I had with the proprietary driver was my desktop environment, not my distro.

I have now reinstalled Aptosid ponos KDE using the Nouveau driver.
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