Hardware - Aptosid don't see CD

gangsta - 01.10.2010, 19:43
Post subject: Aptosid don't see CD
Aptosid don't see CD Sad

devil - 01.10.2010, 19:53
Post subject: RE: DVD room don

DVD room don't see CD

you mean dvd rom?
what CD?
what means 'unstable' in this case?

hubi - 01.10.2010, 20:12
Post subject: RE: DVD room don
Moved to hardware. I cannot see a warning regarding upgrades of particular packages.

Do you mean: CDs can't be read but DVDs can?

spacepenguin - 01.10.2010, 21:18
Post subject: RE: DVD room don
Maybe it's the same issue I suffer from since about three months and mentioned without any solution in the sidux forum? A problem that's spread over all current distributions I guess, in combination with certain hardware... Data CDRs are not recognized, can be mounted manually but do not appear in dolphin's sidebar and the devicemanager. Independent from drive, sata, pata, distribution, kernel. Affects only certain PCs (mainboard?), no problem with fresh install of old sidux Ourea on same machine.

http://sidux.com/index.php?name=PNphpBB ... highlight=
http://sidux.com/index.php?name=PNphpBB ... highlight=

Can you mount the CDRs manually as root via konsole?
gangsta - 02.10.2010, 06:07
Post subject: RE: DVD room don
Aptosid don't autodetect all types CD. But DVD yes.
I can mount CD as root via console.
# mount /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom
mount: block device /dev/sr0 is write-protected, mounting read-only

Thanks for any suggestions and sorry for My english.
dibl - 02.10.2010, 11:59
Post subject:
Can we see:

cat /etc/fstab

gangsta - 02.10.2010, 15:19
Post subject:
      dibl wrote:
Can we see...?

Of course.
/dev/cdrom                                    /media/cdrom                   udf,iso9660     noauto,ro,users                            0      0

dibl - 03.10.2010, 01:11
Post subject:
I would try changing the "noauto" option to "auto", and then remount (or reboot) and see if it likes the CDs better. If it's not better, change it back to "noauto", which appears to be the default for the cdrom device.
spacepenguin - 03.10.2010, 01:47
Post subject:
blackhole - 03.10.2010, 07:06
Post subject:
I have the same problem.

So I tried this: added the line in fstab, made a "link to device" icon. This is the result. This is very strange. /dev/cdrom mistaken for the system hard disk?
gangsta - 08.10.2010, 09:31
Post subject:
Now Aptosid see CD.
I didn't do anything apart from a daily d-u.

clubex - 08.10.2010, 12:24
Post subject:
gangsta:There was a recent asptosid udev upgrade which may have contributed to your resolution.

In my case things are slightly worse. For sometime audio CD and data CD/DVD were auto-mounted and notified but recently this will only happen with audio CDs.

I still think the problem will only be solved when


is resolved.
spacepenguin - 09.10.2010, 15:37
Post subject:
I also cannot open audio cds anymore with kscd, amarok, banshee etc., only kaffeine can do it. That's not a problem of the device manager, the audio cd is recognized as such and all options are available. Just the programs don't want to see the cds.
gangsta - 10.10.2010, 17:44
Post subject:
Now Aptosid see all types CD and DVD apart from bootable CD and DVD.
blackhole - 20.10.2010, 09:15
Post subject:
The problem has been fixed with kde 4.5 (unsupported for now). Just checked: data cd is mounted correctly.
spacepenguin - 02.11.2010, 13:17
Post subject:
Not solved here using KDE 4.5.1 with 4.5.2 libs. Still the device manager says "No Devices Available" when I insert a non-bootable data-CDR. It only does recognize DVDs, audio CDs/CDRs and bootable CDRs. Audio CDs still are not recognized by the KDE 4.5 applications, except kaffeine.
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