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hy - 18.03.2012, 12:27
Post subject: Boot Codes for ponos
Hi I am having a Fujitsu Siemens Laptop with intel graphics and when starting the Ponos CD it hangs after the second part of splash screen is loaded in X.
For a fraction of a second I can see an error message but can not read it because it vanishes immediately.

The latest entries in /var/log/messages are ACPI related and I tried
fromiso pci=noacpi
but got the same results.
The message before ACPI relates to move ramdisk

Any help appreciated
hy - 18.03.2012, 12:58
Post subject: RE: Boot Codes for ponos
I can partially solve it by pressing CTRL ALT F1 and then
sudo init 3
sudo init 5
But now the X is accessible at CTRL ALT F8 and not F7
When I try to run gparted I am getting a ,message that there is no screen device
Before installing I would like to do some partitioning.
x-un-i - 19.03.2012, 17:22
Post subject: RE: Boot Codes for ponos
enter 3 on the boot entry to boot in into the textconsole.
then on the prompt switch to user root and do init 5. that helped me a couple of times
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