Software - no videos with intel driver [SOLVED]

cryptomnesia - 02.10.2010, 22:35
Post subject: no videos with intel driver [SOLVED]
Hi there,

I'm having an intel driver problem again: With the latest aptosid kernel, I can't play back any videos (neither in vlc nor in kaffeine) any more, all I get is a blue screen. It works with 2.6.35-4.slh.9-aptosid-686. I don't really know about the intermediate versions, so I can't really determine which update introduced the regression. I have an i855 video chipset and I use the intel xorg driver. I think it has something to do with the xv extension, I can't really figure out from the changelogs which intel driver fix has something to do with that. Anyway, I would appreciate any ideas.
cryptomnesia - 21.10.2010, 12:56
Post subject:
This is now fixed for me with the latest aptosid kernel 2.6.36-0.slh.1
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