Hardware - DVD/CD drive doesn't work anymore

hy - 19.04.2012, 19:02
Post subject: DVD/CD drive doesn't work anymore

I am not a frequent user of my DVD/CD-drive, so the issue might date back to changes I have done some weeks ago.

current: No matter what kind of media I insert into the CD/DVD-drive of my box the drive just makes some sound (but not the typical sound of speeding up).
No program is able to mount/open or playback media from this drive (k3b, krusader mount man, vlc, kaffeine).

I was having issues some weeks ago with kde after a du.

The only solution I found was removing kdm and reinstalling it.
Maybe I did not properly reinstall everything. Some packages required manual installation afterwards, when I noticed they are missing.

If you have any idea what could be missing to make my drive work again - thanks in advance.
Just let me know if you need some output to learn about the details. Thanks[url][/url]
debiandebby - 23.04.2012, 11:31
Post subject: RE: DVD/CD drive doesn
Hey Hy, did you mention to check the actual drivers for your DVD/CD manually? You can find the right drivers easily via any search machines if you know which kind of box and which system you have. If you found the missing driver, it should be easy to add it via installation to your drivers. And another idea: could it be possible that your drivers arent the problem but your box? If it sounds strange, maybe the laser is defect or dirty or little particles of dust are anywhere in it.
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