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Friday - 05.05.2012, 20:42
Post subject: Iceweasel for KDE-Lite
Hi there,

I am using aptosid for a long time (2,5 years since sidux) and I have installed only KDE-Lite versions of this wonderful distribution, because I don't need a lot of KDE-Full programms.

You know that Iceweasel is one of the best browsers ever (it's my opion Wink ) and I suggest Iceweasel will be preinstalled on next release 2012-02 "Θάνατος" and in other releases.

I have recalculated the amount of space would Iceweasel consume about on a CD: 30 MB.

It is not much for KDE Lite-amd64 which is calculated to 590 MB of download mirrors information.

The most of you installs by USB-Stick only, so where will be problem?

I am looking forward for your answers.

Best regards
hubi - 05.05.2012, 21:15
Post subject: RE: Iceweasel for KDE-Lite
I'd support this move and would not mind switching from konqueror to iceweasel as default browser in lite as well since dolphin has taken over the file manager tasks.

Lite should fit on a CD though, but maybe there is a possibility to find space. I am an aficionado of lite and usually only have/use Lite-ISOs for installation and live booting/fallback/rescue tasks.

browe - 11.05.2012, 03:17
Post subject: RE: Iceweasel for KDE-Lite
Just to throw another idea out there... have iceweasel in "full" release, rekonq in "light" release. Is there a thought to remove konqueror?
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