Upgrade Warnings - [solved] lost smbfs in dist upgrade

wora - 17.05.2012, 17:42
Post subject: [solved] lost smbfs in dist upgrade
I lost smbfs in one of the latest dist-upogrades and when I try to install it with:

# apt-get install smbfs

i got


smbfs : Hängt ab von: cifs-utils (= 2:5.3-2) aber 2:5.4-1 soll installiert werden

Any idea to resolve this is much appreciated.

slh - 17.05.2012, 18:03
Post subject: RE: lost smbfs in dist upgrade
#620847, smbfs is replaced by cifs-utils.
wora - 17.05.2012, 18:59
Post subject:
Thank , slh, for the fast reply.

I have a smbfs filesystem in my /etc/fstab ? Do I need to replace this with a different filesystem ?

slh - 17.05.2012, 19:54
Post subject:
Basically the filesystems is just called "cifs" (for details, man -S 8 mount.cifs), instead of "smbfs" - if there wouldn't be a bug in the latest cifs-utils upload (#673117, #673170, the cifs-utils version from testing works)…
statmonkey - 21.05.2012, 17:11
Post subject:
LOL, I saw that smbfs was being removed in the changelog. Had a cardiac. Came here. Read what slh wrote and then remembered -- I don't use smbfs. Anyway thanks for helping out an old guy having a brain fart.
wora - 21.05.2012, 18:23
Post subject:
Dear All, with the latest dist-upgrade cifs-utils was upgraded as well. I replaced smbfs with cifs in the /etc/fstab. That does the trick, I can mount my NAS!

Thanks slh.

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