Software - Krusader has lost krarc

hy - 09.06.2012, 20:11
Post subject: Krusader has lost krarc
I working with krusader as a flilemanager in general.
Now I noticed that it can not enter into archives because krarc is missing.
A package named 'krarc' does not exist.
How do I get this?
How do I get krusader to handle archives just as a directory?
[Before it did so]
Thanks in advance
slh - 09.06.2012, 20:16
Post subject: RE: Krusader has lost krarc
$ wget -qO- http://debianrepo.lan/debian/dists/sid/Contents-amd64.gz | zgrep krarc
usr/lib/debug/usr/lib/kde4/kio_krarc.so                 debug/krusader-dbg
usr/lib/kde4/kio_krarc.so                               utils/krusader
usr/share/kde4/services/krarc.protocol                  utils/krusader
While I'm not using krusader, it's probably supposed to work without installing external packages.
mikl - 30.07.2012, 10:55
Post subject: RE: Krusader has lost krarc
I have the same problem.
It is really annoying and couldn't find so much information on the web
Did you manage to browse inside an archive ?

It seems that my installation is ok (I have found all the previous files), but krusader still tells me that kio_krarc doesn't support the archive listing

DeepDayze - 30.07.2012, 16:25
Post subject: RE: Krusader has lost krarc
Perhaps file a bug against krusader for this odd behavior?
mikl - 31.07.2012, 08:33
Post subject: RE: Krusader has lost krarc
this bug has already been reported, the team had disabled the krarc due to a bug, and re-enabled it on may... so far, it still doesn't work.. and I am wondering if the package has been reworked since this event
mikl - 02.06.2013, 21:05
Post subject: RE: Krusader has lost krarc
so, here is the solution :

downgrade to krusader 2.3 or upgrade to the latest 2.4beta3
the beta1 has krarc disabled
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