Software - ceni: startup delay due to the trial of connecting to eth0

sx9 - 13.06.2012, 18:11
Post subject: ceni: startup delay due to the trial of connecting to eth0
Since a few weeks after setting up the connection for eth0 with ceni (startup mode: auto and hotplug, too), ifupdown (I'm not sure if ifupdown handles the connecctions during the boot process) tries to connect to eth0 even if no LAN cable is connected.
The startup gets delayed by this a lot (+ ~30sec to normal boot time [8sec]), because ifupdown is listening for DHCPREQUEST.

A few months before it connected to eth0 in background when a cable was plugged in.

Another thing: I always have to re-launch ceni after connecting a LAN cable after the boot-process.

I have installed plasma-widget-networkmanagement now and it works quite fine. It auto-detects eth0 and cables and switches from wlan0 to eth0 when eth0 is available (does ceni, too).

Maybe this problem was caused by wrong configurations, but I just want you to tell about this issue to take a look on it and perhaps being able to correct it if it is really a bug.

Thanks in advance
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