User Scripts & Dragons - duplicate whiptail executables

kenyee - 18.06.2012, 19:55
Post subject: duplicate whiptail executables
FYI, if you have one in /usr/local/bin and one in /usr/bin, get rid of the one in /usr/local/bin. It'll complain about a missing libnewt.so.0.51 because of the update of this library to 0.52.

It's needed if installing the latest kernel, so you'll get a kernel panic if you missed the error message like I did before rebooting Razz
slh - 18.06.2012, 20:05
Post subject: RE: duplicate whiptail executables
No package in Debian will ever write to /usr/local/, it's solely under the authority of the local system administrator - and if it breaks, he's gonna get to keep the pieces.

As such this is no upgrade warning and just self inflicted breakage.
kenyee - 18.06.2012, 23:33
Post subject: RE: duplicate whiptail executables
good to know...and no clue how that got in there Razz
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