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finotti - 09.07.2012, 17:13
Post subject: VPN provider and configuration
Dear all,

I was considering subscribing to some VPN service. Any recommendations?

Is it worth to pay more for OpenVPN?

Also, I've seen a few instructions on setting up using NetworkManager (in Ubuntu, more precisely), which I assume it is not the preferred way in aptosid. Any references on how to set it up the "Debian Way"?

Any information would be appreciated.

Best to all,

pjnsmb - 02.08.2012, 04:54
Post subject:
I have been running strongvpn for 6 months now and have found them to be very reliable and helpful on their live help.
browsing and download speeds seem almost the same as without vpn.

have a read of :

https://torrentfreak.com/which-vpn-prov ... ly-111007/

I have set up :


on aptosid and use opendns i.p settings on it, which I find very successful .

vpnpptp is in Russian though, just about understandable after a google translation !

sorry for the late reply.........

hope that's useful
finotti - 16.08.2012, 00:51
Post subject:
Thanks for the reply. I am trying witopia... They were able to give me good instructions to set it up without networkmanager. Let's see how it works.


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