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hy - 03.08.2012, 18:29
Post subject: MySQL missing
didn't use my database stuff for a while (sice late April). Now I see mysql is not installed any longer on my machine.
(I did du every once in a while)
apt-get install mysql
results to
Unable to locate package mysql

What's going on? Admittedly, I probably missed out some stuff, because I was moving to annother country and had other things on my mind in the recent months than keeping track of caring for my IT-stuff.
Any help apreciated..
slh - 03.08.2012, 18:35
Post subject: RE: MySQL missing
The package is called mysql-server, for several years already.
hy - 03.08.2012, 18:47
Post subject: RE: MySQL missing
Oops ...
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