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Luis_P - 19.10.2012, 22:41
Post subject: Advice on reinstalling
As said in another tread, my system has problems doing it unusable. The only solution that I can see is reinstall again aptosid. But I've no installed any OS from the old days of sidux and therefore I ask for advices here.

Since my /home directory is in a sole partition, being all the others directories in another, I thought I could use the old /home. But I've read in the manual that "Should the installer detect that you are trying to install over an old $HOME it will warn you and will not let you proceed with the installation until you choose another user name." According to this it is no possible to make use of all the configuration files and I must not only install the desired packages, but also configure all them.

My first concern is about my email (I use icedove). It would be very bad for me to lose some hundreds of mails which I've in my email accounts. How can I preserve them without copying one by one? Yes, I know, I must do backup, but I would like to have all these emails in my accounts.

Thanks in advance.

slh - 19.10.2012, 23:22
Post subject: RE: Advice on reinstalling
Totally ignore your (separate) /home/ partition for installing, once you have installed the system, you can mount your /home/ partition again (keep in mind, you may have to adapt file permissions to the new UID/ GID and will have to edit /etc/fstab). The installer won't overwrite an existing /home/, doing so or trying to be smart and do partial overwrites, chown/chmod or the like would be doomed to data loss or security issues.

Ideally you'd cherry-pick only the configuration files you may need one by one, but if you kept your old install up to date, there shouldn't be much of a problem with integration an existing $HOME.
Luis_P - 27.10.2012, 19:15
Post subject: Installation done
The re-installation was done, and was much less traumatic than I thougt. But the main goal (see this thread) was not accomplished. Sad

Thanks slh for your advices.

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