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Luis_P - 24.10.2012, 11:28
Post subject: Icewesel error
When a newly installed user tries to launch iceweasel gets:

XML Parsing error: undefined entity
Location: chrome://browser/content/browser.xul
Line Number 553, Column 7:

<menuitem id="context-video-showstats"

and the program does not start.

Any idea?

DonKult - 24.10.2012, 11:37
Post subject: RE: Icewesel error
Which version of iceweasel is that?
And do you have extension installed? (not for the "new" user of course (otherwise it wouldn't be new), but globally for all. The package names start with "xul-ext-")
towo - 24.10.2012, 12:34
Post subject: RE: Icewesel error
This error looks like wrong language-file.
Luis_P - 24.10.2012, 14:32
Post subject: RE: Icewesel error
Version: Iceweasel 10.0.9
No, there isn't any Extension (Tools -> Add-ons -> Extensions)
Nor Language (apart from the default ones: Deutsch & English) and no xul-ext* program loaded.

The other(s) users havn't this problem
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