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mz - 07.10.2010, 01:41
Post subject: Archive of old slh kernels
Is there an archive of old slh kernels somewhere? I cannot use a 2.6.35 kernel because of the e1000e issue and I would like to find the latest 2.6.34.
muchan - 07.10.2010, 05:30
Post subject: RE: Archive of old slh kernels
i686 or amd64?
mz - 07.10.2010, 15:38
Post subject: RE: Archive of old slh kernels
pinguin - 09.10.2010, 20:39
Post subject: RE: Archive of old slh kernels
i686 for me
muchan - 10.10.2010, 08:11
Post subject: RE: Archive of old slh kernels
I thought I could send an old 2.6.34 package for at least i686,
but I found I didn't have it any more here. Hope someone else can
help you both.

(I couldn't give source code if demanded, so I couldn't meet basic criteria
for "distributing" open-source software any way...)
dpdt1 - 12.10.2010, 13:32
Post subject: RE: Archive of old slh kernels
i'd also like to find an older kernel (2.6.33) because of an issue with pinnacle pctv 330e.
the only working solution is this :
but it doesnt work with later kernels.
michaaa62 - 12.10.2010, 16:14
Post subject: RE: Archive of old slh kernels
If you could get some good ols sidux CDs, DVDs or ISO-images, you could extract those kernel packages with dpkg-repack, which should get installed first to the Live-session or chroot of a mounted iso.
dpdt1 - 12.10.2010, 16:34
Post subject:
or use the official debian sid 2.6.32 kernel.. Smile
muchan - 29.11.2010, 11:33
Post subject:
here I have linux-image and linux-header packages (amd64) for
2.6.34-0.slh.5 and 2.6.33-2.slh.1
if you still want one, please send me pm on this forum.
siegeking - 04.01.2011, 09:45
Post subject:
Yes a archive would be good! Just removed my old kernel (2.6.36-1.slh.4-aptosid-amd64) by mistake. It was working well with suspend. But not the new one.
DonKult - 04.01.2011, 12:32
Post subject:
By chance, its still in your APT cache -- at least if you haven't run 'apt-get clean' for a while…
If so, try 'dpkg -i /var/cache/apt/archives/linux-image-' and tab your way to the desired kernel.
siegeking - 04.01.2011, 23:04
Post subject:
DonKult you made my day. Usually I do make clean after a du but it seems I didn't for a while...

Good night!

Anyway a archive would be good Smile
moose - 13.02.2011, 23:00
Post subject:
IMHO, providing archive of previous aptosid kernels is a good idea. I'm stuck with 2.6.37 which has a bug preventing me from using my laptop without being plugged.

If anyone has a 2.6.36 amd64 version of aptosid kernel, let me know.
nh2 - 13.02.2011, 23:47
Post subject:
I was surprised to see there is only the last kernel in http://oscar.aptosid.com/debian/pool/ma ... tosid-2.6/
I always remove the previous kernels when I install a new one after checking it rapidly in order not to have too many entries in my grub menu (it's the fastest way). But I'm afraid I will have troubles if I discover a hidden bug in the last kernel (e.g. a device that won't work) after deleting the old ones.
I know I can go back to the kernel of the last iso but I still think it would be fine to keep all the archived versions.
Anyway, that's just my humble opinion Smile and thanks to Stefan and all the team for your wonderful work!
agaida - 14.02.2011, 00:39
Post subject:
The kernels are archived in berlios. All you have to do is checkout your needed revision and build it. Since slh has done a really great job, this should be no problem.
moose - 14.02.2011, 11:01
Post subject:
A quick search later and here is the link to the svn aptosid berlios archive, found from http://lab.aptosid.com/.
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