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scanagar - 13.05.2013, 14:30
Post subject: Difficuly upgrading
Hi: I had ponos and now there seems to be difficulty upgrading,
Very few packages are being downloaded. The aptosid mirror at ftp.spline.de does not work and I tried
http:// oscar/aptosid,com/debian/ sid main fir.man contrib

This seems to connect but,as I said the number pa packages seem to be small.Is this because there is a new distribution besides ponos: Does it not automatically upgraded to the new distribution.

I tried, in aptosid.list http://sptotosid/mirror catalogs/com/debian/ but this comes up with an error message (404) about not being able to find the binary packages.

Any help will be aooreciated

piper - 13.05.2013, 14:49
Post subject: RE: Difficuly upgrading

works fine here and is probably the closest one to you
scanagar - 13.05.2013, 23:37
Post subject: RE: Difficuly upgrading
The message I get with aptosid.list having deb http://mirror.yellowfiber.net/aptosid/ sid main fix.main is
W: Failed to fetch http://mirror..../aptosod/dists/sid/mai ... 5/Packages 404 Not found
and the smae error with fix.main
finotti - 14.05.2013, 01:54
Post subject: RE: Difficuly upgrading
I have no problem with that mirror.

Does your /etc/apt/sources.list.d/aptosid.list file contain the line


deb http://mirror.yellowfiber.net/aptosid/debian/ sid main fix.main

It might be helpful to show the content of the file.

EDIT: It seems you are missing the "debian"...
scanagar - 16.05.2013, 02:22
Post subject: RE: Difficuly upgrading
Thank you.I added debian to the end as follows deb http://mirror.yellowfiber.net/aptosid/debian/ and followed up with '
sid main fix.main and it seemd go work now. I'd like to know whether I automatically get upgrades to THanatos from ponos
or do I have to get the .iso for thanatos and install?

DonKult - 16.05.2013, 07:52
Post subject: Re: RE: Difficuly upgrading
      scanagar wrote:
THanatos from ponos
or do I have to get the .iso for thanatos and install?

Yes, upgrades are automatic. The iso's are only starting points from which you will consistently "roll" (aka: Rolling Release) from version to version – and in between versions.

So 'apt-get dist-upgrade' gets you the latest and greatest, which will be at least Thanatos, but for some packages also versions already newer than Thanatos.

Note that wallpaper, themes and alike are not changed automatically. If you would like get them, have a look at the *-thanatos packages:
$ apt-cache pkgnames| grep thanatos

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