Upgrade Warnings - grub 2 error?

Spaceferret - 14.05.2013, 13:09
Post subject: grub 2 error?
After the most recent update I'm getting
error: file not found
right after 'welcome to grub 2' on boot-up , font in grub menu changed to really tiny , but system boots up normally after that.
Any ideas ?
piper - 14.05.2013, 14:36
Post subject: RE: grub 2 error?
Are you dual booting with more than one hard drive, if so, check in the bios on 'hard disk priority' or something like that, and make sure the drive aptosid is on is booting first, I had this problem before and thats how I fixed it

error: file not found -this is the exact message right, that is the one I had also

I tried reinstalling grub, dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc , nothing worked till I changed the order of the drive, I have no idea on how or why the order changes, this has happened several times to me in the past (doesn't matter what distro) but, it booted and worked fine

Also I was using AHCI instead of IDE (bios setting) when this happens

Mind you, this might not help in any way
Spaceferret - 15.05.2013, 06:21
Post subject: RE: grub 2 error?
aptosid takes up my entire hard drive, no dual booting.I looked up Debian forums and found references to the missing locale files,but it's way too cryptic for me to figure it out. The language option in my grub.cfg is Eng_US, and grub.cfg is generated by etc/grub.d from what I understand.No matter what I try grub 2 error:file not found is persistent
ghstryder - 16.05.2013, 12:05
Post subject: RE: grub 2 error?
This is a stretch, but shouldn't it be en_US? That is the way I have always seen it listed, and the way it is listed in my grub.cfg.
Spaceferret - 17.05.2013, 00:40
Post subject: RE: grub 2 error?
@ghstryder you are right, it's en_US in my grub.sfg too. My system boots all right but still getting error message.Grub as an application doesn't use that many files, what could be missing ?
bfree - 17.05.2013, 01:06
Post subject: RE: grub 2 error?
You could try sprinkling your grub.cfg with echo statements to narrow it down to the offending statement. Without actually seeing your grub.cfg anything else is just wild guessing. grub does (or can) load plenty of things during boot: modules, config files, translations (ok not for en_US), font, grubenv, theme and background (at least, I could be forgetting more).
Spaceferret - 17.05.2013, 23:24
Post subject: RE: grub 2 error?
I forgot to mention that same upgrade that started 'grub error:file not found' changed the boot options screen from displaying available kernels to single line : Debian advanced options . Grub error doesn't affect the boot process, I guess I can live with it or just follow bfree advice
vinur - 18.05.2013, 05:40
Post subject: RE: grub 2 error? just reset the order in BIOS
I ran into some of the same issues with the new boot loader; GRUB 2, but additionally I was doing 3 new things as well so I had the opportunity to think about what was doing a lot.
1.. My 5 year old motherboard was beginning to fail from age. (lead-free solder fails in 3-5 years), so I was going to replace it with a gigabyte 970A-DS3. I was going to use the OLD processor, AMD 955 X4 and fast DDR3 RAM by corsair.
2. The Old aptosid 2012-1 was going to be replaced with the NEW aptosid 2013-1 (the old system ran fine with the new motherboard with out change by the way, I just felt like installing a new system since this system is a exploratory and frontier system anyway)
3. the BIOS on the motherboard is NEW, an UEFI from American Megatrends
The installation looked different than what I was use to... both the BIOS and the system were reacting in some new way so I was just going for a ride as it were... I expected some difficulties. Surprisingly few by the way, just some rethink on how I did it.
After the install the boot loader did not give a message but there was just a blinking prompt, no message.
My first reaction was to reboot and look at the Bios as to the order of drives and devices... just from experience with new ways and some notion that UEFI is different, as is grub 2 (My clue was the unusual CD aptosid installation disk start-up it was fast but I thought I noticed some reordering going on, it was fine, just different. I have done thousands of OS installs over the years so with all of the new things I just went with it.
Long story short, After looking at the BIOS with the new system I changed the Motherboard BIOS to not specifically try to boot from a CD/DVD ROM first but to go for booting the HDD with the new aptosid on it before anything else.
That cured the blinking curser and the new GRUB loaded fine. UEFI does work OK but it is very different. The BIOS does not look like anything from the past. No judgment here, just different.
Really like the new 2013-1 aptosid. many new things to find out about. KDE based system.
Of course stay away from the BIOS UEFI Windows 8 offerings, its well understood poison.
Sorry this was not very technical, I am not currently using that system described above for this message. I am using my main aptosid system which is a little bit more conservative in how I treat changes,(I run our company from it as the main computer, I have that much faith in aptosid's stability. Soon it too will be running 2013-1 aptosid since it runs great on the new hardware and the system rocks.
As usual I am a happy user. Expecting the unexpected is just a way of seeing the world. Very Happy
redsid - 18.05.2013, 13:23
Post subject:
Interesting changes to Grub II.

Great in one case and annoying in another for me.

My desktop came with Windows and a boot menu that lasted 15 seconds for various Windows options in spite of the fact I wiped Windows out immediately and installed a 32 & 64 aptosid on two partitions.

The latest grub update now bypasses this option screen and goes straight to the grub menu. Outstanding!

Now the primary will auto boot but the others are listed under a sub-menu which adds another step to the boot process to choose my other partition, whereas before, they were all listed on the first screen.

Time to see if that sub-menu can be done away with.
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