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polix - 17.05.2013, 19:40
Post subject: Flashplayer update
This week Adobe have published an new Adobe Flashplayer version There were security bugs closed.

As root in console:

update-flashplugin-nonfree -iv

DonKult - 17.05.2013, 20:28
Post subject: RE: Flashplayer update
If you use iceweasel (aka Firefox) I can recommend the hidden setting "plugins.click_to_play". You can activate it by opening the page "about:config", confirming the warning, type "plugins.click_to_play" into the searchbar and doubleclick on the setting to toggle it to "true".

With that enabled you have instead of a directly loaded flash/adobe/xine/… plugin a grey box which you can click to load the plugin (or not). Not only handy from a security point, but also from a no more flashbanner ads, videos which start to play automatically in just opened tabs, … point of view.

This feature should be in 17 which is in sid, but newer version gradually improve it as it not yet completed.

It doesn't remove the need to keep your plugins up-to-date of course, but if the plugins aren't used for "useless" stuff, this useless stuff can't compromise your system at least.
Lat - 26.05.2013, 03:12
Post subject: RE: Flashplayer update
I've seen this on Android when the plugins are disabled, but never thought this could be possible without an add-on on the desktop. Thanks for this tip, DonKult!
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