Hardware - problems with dualcore

oschi - 09.10.2010, 14:00
Post subject: problems with dualcore
i got problems with my processor

the energysettings in the kde-systemsettings dialogue say that there are 0 processors which cant be shut down and that there is no support for the clocking of my processor (an amd x2 ee2250)

http://upload.centerzone.it/images/1266 ... 910240.png

my computer is quite slow since i discovered this...

any suggestions?

hubi - 09.10.2010, 14:15
Post subject: Re: problems with dualcore
      oschi wrote:
my computer is quite slow since i discovered this..

Reminds me of Schrödinger's cat.

Same here but I just discovered it now, so will my computer be slow now as well?

I'd rather think of a bug in the KDE applet. infobash shows all cores here and CPU throtteling works fine (Intel Processor).

oschi - 09.10.2010, 14:51
Post subject: RE: Re: problems with dualcore
perhaps you're right...one more argument to buy a new and faster cpu....Wink
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