Software - Thunar optical drive automounting broken?

mithat - 01.06.2013, 05:21
Post subject: Thunar optical drive automounting broken?
Is automounting of optical media in Thunar broken just for me or is it broken? USB media automount fine, but neither CDs nor DVDs do. I'm not talking about AudioCDs but rather CDs full of misc. data.

All the options under "Removable Storage" in thunar-volman-settings are checked. In spite of this, when optical media are inserted, they don't appear under "Devices" in Thunar nor are they available under /mount.

However, if after inserting an optical disc I fire up Brasero (but not Xfburn), then it does appear under Thunar's "Devices" and can be mounted from there. But if Brasero is running and I then insert the disc, it does not show up under Thunar's "Devices".
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