All the news about aptosid - Review

zbreaker - 03.06.2013, 17:02
Post subject: Review
Brief review on todays Distrowatch by Jesse Smith.

polix - 07.06.2013, 13:02
Post subject: RE: Review
Thank you for posting.
Really good article about our great distribution! Wink
DonKult - 07.06.2013, 15:25
Post subject: RE: Review
One of the nicer reviews indeed. A bit too much on the defensive side for my taste, but I am not complaining as its a refreshing change that a reviewer actually follows the recommendation to read the manual. Smile

(Also restores a bit my "trust" in distrowatch at large as their articles are at times of mixed quality, so good to see its not going strictly downhill.)
snvv - 09.06.2013, 12:42
Post subject: RE: Review
It is a fair review, but I did't liked the last phrase "just remember to make a backup of your data first". This is true to any OS and not to aptosid only. After more than 7 years using aptosid (sidux) I have never lost a bit of data.
ghstryder - 13.06.2013, 00:31
Post subject: RE: Review
While I have a back-up, on both my desktop machine and my laptop I turn off the drive(s) containing my data and don't introduce the OS to the data until I'm happy with the OS, then I turn the drive back on, take care of fstab, create a few links and live happily ever after. I think the author was just trying to warn the masses, but that is a curious way to go about it.
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