Upgrade Warnings - ath9k_htc problems [solved]

finotti - 07.06.2013, 01:48
Post subject: ath9k_htc problems [solved]
Dear all,

I have a NetGear, Inc. WNA1100 Wireless-N 150 [Atheros AR9271] wifi adapter. It worked until my DU this morning (the first in a while). Now, even with older kernels it does not work.

The error message I get, from dmesg, is:


ath9k_htc 2-8:1.0: ath9k_htc: Target is unresponsive
ath9k_htc: Failed to initialize the device

I have no device wlan0 (or any other wireless device).

This is my main (home) computer, with no wired network. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks and best to all,


P.S.: it kept working after the DU, it only failed after a reboot.
slh - 07.06.2013, 02:06
Post subject: RE: ath9k_htc problems
Unplug your device for ~30-60 seconds and re-plug.

The issue is likely not a recent regression, but a latent issue on AR9271 devices if the system gets restartet before it had a chance to upload the firmware/ initialise the device on the previous boot; this bug is under investigation upstream
finotti - 07.06.2013, 02:15
Post subject: RE: ath9k_htc problems
It worked! (Phew!) Thanks, yet again, slh...
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