Software - ibm 5250 iseries client access

cmptrwhz - 08.07.2013, 15:51
Post subject: ibm 5250 iseries client access
I have tried to remap the keyboard thru their keyboard mapping gui and for some reason I am not able to get my pageup to function properly. any suggestions?

Here is the errors from when I start it. If you need any other info please let me know I will post it.
dartt@ddartt:~$ ibm5250 host -LANGID en_US
5250: [ INFORMATIONAL ]: Build Date: September 2010 (V7R1 1.0).
5250: [ ERROR ]: NSC0195: LC_MESSAGES only 1 in length. It is C. Assuming en for LC_MESSAGES.
5250: [ ERROR ]: NSC0009: MRI file not found, using fallback resources.
5250: [ ERROR ]: NSC0017: Xt Warning: Actions not found: PageUp.

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