Upgrade Warnings - Schrift steht Kopf in KDE

karls0 - 23.08.2013, 09:55
Post subject: Schrift steht Kopf in KDE
after yesterdays dist-upgrade, the Nvidia-driver did not compile and I was told to use the nouveau-driver. After some trial and error and a lot of internet-searches, finally the xserver started.
But KDE did not work any more. After login the screen was black, only the mouse-pointer was visible and could be moved around. So I reinstalled KDE and then I got a desktop. I configured the display for two monitors and it worked like a charm.
After reboot, the login-screen is normal. As soon as KDE is running, all Texts are vertically mirrored, but still from left to right. The buttons seem to be on the original places and have not moved!
Up to now I did not find useful tips. I have already searched for "rotate" in xorg.conf, but found nothing. Since only text is shown mirrored, I dont think that this could be the cause. Do you think this can come from setting up two monitors?

Any help appreciated. Regards,
alexk - 23.08.2013, 17:06
Post subject: RE: Schrift steht Kopf in KDE
Seems related to the Nvidia driver install. Which driver are you now using? I'm not very knowledgeable about the Nvidia driver, but you could take a look at the output of the command "glxinfo" after logging into a text console (Ctrl-Alt-F1). You could also try, as as a temporary workaround, turning off Desktop Effects in KDE system settings, switching between "gl" and "xrender" based desktop effects or using another window manager (fluxbox, lxde, e17, etc.).
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