User Scripts & Dragons - Uninstalling software

elish - 26.11.2013, 19:18
Post subject: Uninstalling software
Elementary question, sorry...

How to uninstall a software that was not installed using apt-get install software_name?

apt-get purge software_name can not be used.
slh - 26.11.2013, 19:25
Post subject: RE: Uninstalling software
There is no standard interface for installing, upgrading or removing unpackaged software - how, or even if(!), it can be removed depends solely on the software in question.
elish - 26.11.2013, 20:45
Post subject: RE: Uninstalling software
It is AdbeRdr9.5.5-1_i486linux_enu.bin
And now click on pdf file has no effect.
Need to right click open with Okular.
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